Ok guy’s we’ve all been there, you know… when you see a
hot girl, you muster up your courage, walk over to talk to her, and completely
balls it up. It makes you feel like a fool but there are a few things you can
do to improve your odds.

  1. Make eye-contact with the girl before you
    approach – Trust me woman are always more receptive to a man they have already
    made eye-contact with.
  2. Walk with confidence – Straighten your back
    & square your shoulders, believe me woman can spot an unconfident man a
    mile away.
  3. Keep the conversation flowing – remember woman
    like to talk so let them, but you have to do your bit as well. And always be
    the one to walk away first.
  4. Smile – this one’s easy, just smile.
  5. Body contact – this does not mean grope her,
    touch her arm or shoulder in a casual way. She will then be more likely to
    touch you and that is what you want right…


Just follow these simple steps and the ladies will be all over you.

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