Late Morning is Best
Although you’re guaranteed to meet men with money at expensive, exclusive health clubs, if there is not one in your area, or you’re not willing to travel, you can still meet wealthy men if you’re wise about the time you go to the health club.

Men with money don’t go to the health club early in the morning when the crowds go.  They also avoid the weekends when the working guys are clogging the clubs. The best time to meet the man with a luxury lifestyle is in the late morning or late afternoon from around 3 to 6pm.  That’s the time when the married men go home to their wives and the bachelors don’t have to be anywhere after work.

If a man goes to a health club in the middle of the day, you can be sure that he can afford to be off of work in the middle of the day, or he probably doesn’t need to work at all.  (Don’t worry about meeting the guy who just got laid off.  He can’t afford the membership fees.)

Be Friendly
Once you’re in the club, the best way to meet people is to smile and be friendly.  Scope out the room.  See who’s on the treadmills, the stationary bikes, or the stair master.  If you see someone interesting, take the machine next to them.  Plan to work on that machine for 10 minutes. If during that time the guy next to you won’t engage in conversation or give you eye contact, move on. He’s probably married or otherwise unavailable.

It’s easy to talk to the person next to you in a health club.  Usually the machines are close together so you can strike up a conversation easily.  Don’t know what to say?  How about,  ”This is my first time here.  I’m not familiar with how this machine works.”  If he likes the way you look, he’ll jump at the chance to explain it to you.  If he seems annoyed at the intrusion, just say, “never mind, I’ll ask a trainer,” and move on.

Remember, your goal is to meet as many men as possible, quickly weeding out the married men and those not interested. Don’t expect wedding rings to clue you into who’s married and who is not.  Most men don’t wear their rings while they work out.  It’s uncomfortable.

How do you know he has money?
When he’s sweaty and in a t-shirt and gym shorts, how do you know the man has money?  Of course,  if he’s at an exclusive gym, he must have a decent income level, but it never hurts to gently and subtly quiz him. Keep the conversation light for a while; the headline news  on the TV is a good neutral opener.

But after you’re engaged in conversation for more than 1o minutes, you can easily ask, “How come you’re able to be in the club in the middle of the day?” or “Is this economy affecting your business?” Stay away from direct questions like, “What do you do for a living?”  Most men don’t like that and see it as gold digging.

Eat your lunch at the club
Of course, if you don’t like to work out, you can always go to the health clubs that have food courts and just eat your lunch there.  The food is frequently  healthy and a social atmosphere prevails. Eating at exclusive health clubs is an easy way to avoid dealing with the club passes or the hard sell membership sales person.

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