We like waist lines and you probably do too, so here is 7 tips to getting a better one. And of course really hot examples of what to shoot for ladies!

1. You are eating the wrong types of food for your body

One person’s food is another’s poison. It will make a huge difference when you start to pay attention to the foods that reenergize and restore rather than repress and restrain. The key is to experiment and to not be apprehensive about trying new fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins.

2. Do not be afraid of fat

We are taught that fat will make you “obese.” That couldn’t be further from the truth! The good fats in avocados, nuts, omega-3 fish and certain oils (ex. coconut and olive) should be a necessity in your diet. They help to decrease the bad cholesterol (LDLs), increase the good cholesterol (HDLs), protect the heart from heart disease, decrease inflammation and also nourish healthy hair, skin, nails and bones.

3. Try to eat foods in their authentic form

Cut back on all processed food, even if it says Gluten-free and all natural!

4. Add in the G-BOMBS

These are all suggestions from Dr. Furhman, the leading MD teaching how to “Eat to Live.”

5. Too many calories in your libations

Sometimes we do not realize how many empty calories are hidden in certain liquids. With all the options today, it’s best to be aware and knowledgeable. That way you can decide when to treat yourself to your favorite drink, or just stick to herbal teas and water.

6. Not enough variety in your workouts

Do not repeat the same routine day after day, week after week. The most effective way is to vary the intensity and duration of the workout. It’s best to intermix your weight resistance program with cardiovascular, pilates and yoga (or your favorite exercise). The most important aspect is finding something that you enjoy. Then, you will look forward to getting those endorphins flowing.

7. Adrenal Fatigue

Do you feel tired for no reason at all? Have trouble sleeping? Need coffee, energy drinks and sodas to keep going? Feeling run down, stressed and depressed? Adrenal Fatigue occurs when the Adrenal gland function becomes less than optimal. This is usually a result of psychological or emotional stress, lifestyle habits and/or diet. The decrease of the hormone cortisol will have negative effects on your well-being, including brain-fog, mild-depression, blood-sugar imbalances, lowered immune function and increased inflammation. If chronic stress persists, it will cause an increase of cortisol levels, which will create an increase in abdominal fat.

The best way to drop those unwanted pounds is to listen your body and give it love and affection daily! You are what you eat; so make it healthy!

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