If you haven’t heard or you where not one of the hundred million people watching the Super Bowl then you missed out on Katy Perry killing it on the half time show. Considering the Super Bowl was boring and the only good plays where made by luck. The commercials where by far the worst with no creativity (all they tried to do was make you sad).  Katy Perry might of just saved an otherwise dull event. With her coming out on a huge animal moved by men in black outfits, it looked amazing. The 3d stage the size of a lake synchronized with new styles of dancing pushed the limit for half time shows to a whole new level.

In honer of the super hot half time show we wanted show off some of the hottest pictures Katy Perry has done over the last ten years.

Talent, class, originality, and sexiness make Katy Perry one of the hottest things in Hollywood as of 2015.

Unfortunately for legal reasons we cannot show the Super Bowl pictures but it’s worth trying to track down. With a Blades of glory outfit she was sexier than ever and switched into something even hotter to meet up with Lenny Kravitz in a quick rock tribute.

What do you think of her? Let us know below.

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