We ran into Source Models London and was lucky enough to do a mini interview about using their model and talent agency.

1. Do you only work with certain looks? We are a commercial agency so the answer iis no we    have models of all shapes and sizes form different ethnic backgrounds. We tend to steer clear of the fashion and catwalk models and lots of tattoos as we like our models to be versatile and be able to work on different campaigns with different clients.

2. Is there a certain market that’s easier to break into? No professionalism in this industry is key as much as it is image driven. As one of the leading London model agencies we expect all our models to be leaders in their field and represent us and our clients to the highest standard. So the answer would be no there is no easy route into becoming a successful model learn your trade and just keep learning hard work will pay off.

3. Any suggestions for the pictures to be submitted? When a new model submits photos to us we want to see that you are versatile and can present different looks for our clients with ease. SO when submitting photos present us with a professional photo reel of different looks showing angels and looks in different style of photos.

4. Can someone get into a movie from your agency? Yes over the last decade we have built up a great reputation in the industry as casting agency in London. We have sourced actors for Movies TV and stage work.

5. Do you help people with career help? We have built our reputation on having the most experienced and professional team of models in London. We have done this by not only booking our team work but also mentoring them through their carrers nto get the best out of them for our clients and to develop them individually.

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