We have found a 100% natural mineral face and body spray you need to try. Stop using damaging ingredients for something that should be done with no risk. This product not only is healthy with no risk it has the quality for the best possible effect.

Mineral water spray with a gentle fine mist that rehydrates and revives the outer layers of the skin. A fresh, hydrating mist, that you can use anywhere anytime. Mineral water spray showers thirsty skin for relief. The atomizer solution produces millions of tiny micro-droplets.


The best facial spray should have the shortest list of ingredients. The mineral water face spray is natural and contains beneficial nutrients that are like food for the skin. The spray is also free of damaging toxins. Some additives used by the “big cosmetic brands” are made with animal fats, petrochemicals, and parabens which can be toxic for humans to absorb. The pureness and simplicity of this product makes morning skincare an easy and healthy way to start the day. The lack of any harmful additives means that at the very least this array of product can do no harm.

We are really excited for a natural face mist that works well and you will be too. Click here to see how the mineral water spray works and a short video on it’s effects.

The company is called Royal Canadian and is Ontario, Canada.

The product is for all skin types and you can use it as much as you like.


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