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The 3 Little Relationship Details That Matter Most

Listening Guys, this is the holy grail. It doesn’t matter if your girl had too much coffee today and at the end of a long day she is going off on a verbal tirade. Shut your mouth and just listen. Girls don’t need a debate, so save your breath. They just want to know that you give a shit about ... Read More »

Modern day sex ed

These days, all you have to do is turn on the TV or pick up a gossip magazine to see the future of our youthand let me tell you, its not pretty. In the age of Snooki, “Girls Gone Wild,” and Tila Tequila, where on Earth is a young woman supposed to find positive female role models? And how are ... Read More »

The Truth Behind the 12 Hottest Sex Myths

1. Men Reach Their Sexual Peak at 18, and Women Reach Theirs at 28 TRUE: With regard to their supply of sexual hormones, at least. Testosterone peaks at age 18 in men; women’s estrogen hits its high point in their mid-20s. “But peak hormones don’t mean peak sexual performance,” says Marc Goldstein, M.D., a professor of reproductive medicine and urology ... Read More »

Sex School

I am sitting on the floor with 18 other women at the Good Vibrations store in Berkeley, CA. We’re all here to learn the art of “male erotic massage.” In other words, we’re taking a class on how to give a good hand job. Chances are, the last time you took a class on sex was in 10th grade (when ... Read More »

Smarter ladies have worse sex

BRAINY babes find it harder to have an orgasm because they are too busy thinking, a study claims. The German survey found that the more educated a woman was, the less likely it was that she would be satisfied by sex. In the study 62 per cent of women who had completed their education said they often had problems achieving ... Read More »