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The memories of your first love can ruin your relationship

They say that you never forget your first love. But perhaps you should, because memories of it can wreck your relationships for life, research suggests. Sociologists found that the euphoria of young love can become an unrealistic benchmark against which...

/ January 20, 2009

Tricks for being sexy and hot

If you are with a man who does not like you the way you are for whatever reason: he prefers blondes, big breasts, small breasts, French braids, big women, small women, blue women, or green men run to the nearest...

/ November 23, 2008

Twelve Reasons a Movie Should Never be a First Date

12. You can’t pay attention to the movie Dates are pretty goddamned stressful experiences. You’re constantly trying to figure out how to act, what to say, where to put your arms, and if and when it’s okay to try and...

/ June 30, 2008