If you are with a man who does not like you the way you are for whatever reason: he prefers blondes, big breasts, small breasts, French braids, big women, small women, blue women, or green men run to the nearest exit because there must be a mutual attraction. Don’t think that you will change his mind, desire is natural. Don’t become his sexual habit because he has gotten accustom to using you. Some women may not agree with this but: Yes, you do want your man to lust after you like the whore in the hot pants whom he swears he wasn’t watching.

Except yourself for who you are – the way you are, then surround yourself with people who feel the same way as you do. For example, everyone doesn’t like McDonald’s hamburgers, right? But it doesn’t make sense for the creator to worry about the people who will never eat Big Macs but, make sure that the people who like his hamburger can’t get enough. No matter how much you enjoy your favorite food, you don’t want it everyday. But the important factor is that your favorite food has become part of your staple diet and you can’t imagine living your life without it. Become his favorite food.

The very first thing that you must do is express your unique personality. You need to completely understand that there is no other woman in the world like you. Therefore, you are an extraordinarily, unique, special individual. However, on the flip side, you are no different than any other woman, you have eyes, nose, buttocks, thighs, breasts, vagina, and legs. There will always be one that is bigger, better, smaller, larger, firmer and tighter than yours.

What makes a woman truly irresistible and desirable contains two components 70% her inner beauty and 30% how she presents her physical assets. Her inner beauty is the totality of her ability to exude her unseen attributes i.e. personality, opinions, talent, kindness, and mannerisms freely and authentically. Additionally, she must learn what her physical assets are and accentuate and display them with confidence.

1. Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. Speak your mind, be open, honest and interesting. Don’t speak negatively about other people it makes you look petty. Talk about ideas. Be yourself! Be yourself! (This is not a typo) Don’t worry about whether or not other people like you.

2. What is your best physical asset? Is it your eyes, breasts, legs? You should know this information second to your name. Whatever your physical assets are play them up.

3. Buy clothes that compliment your soul and your body. If you walk in a store and see an outfit that looks like it was made with you in mind, or leaving it in the store feels like you left a part of yourself behind; this is a must buy. Learn which colors, brands and styles compliments you the most and stick with what works. What looks or smells good on another women won’t necessarily have the same affect on you.

4. We all get a little lazy sometimes, but enough can not be said about personal hygiene. Pay attention to your finger and toe nails. Shave your legs and under your arms. Go that extra mile for yourself. Buy the vaginal washes that kills bacterial odor so that you will still smell fresh after a long day. Gels to whiten your teeth are not expensive, purchase them. A good rule of thumb to remember is: If he licked you from head to toe what would you taste and smell like. Take care of yourself accordingly.

5. Be unpredictable. Don’t wear panties when he least expects it and wear long johns to bed just when he thought he could take you for granted. Men are socialized to be stimulated by the thrill of the hunt, to be challenged and competitive. Ask yourself: If I were a I man would I chase after me. What kind of prey are you? Easy. Mysterious. Complex. Humans value things that they believe are not easily obtained and priceless.

6. No matter how beautiful or attractive you are if you can’t develop an emotional bond or attachment with your male. He must think about you when you are not around. There are several ways to do this, but the effectiveness depends solely on the type of man he is. Don’t forget to understand the nature of the object you wish to possess. Here are a few suggestions:

Don’t be a doormat. Be a little assertive, but fair. Men love women who are challenging, poised and assertive. Don’t hold a grudge or brag, let by-gones be by-gones but stand your ground and move on.

Be a little needy. Ask him to fix your car, unplug the toilet, put your entertainment center together. Everyone wants to feel loved and needed- not used! Let him know that he is your macho man. This will only work if you are self-sufficient and independent. He will be complimented that you trust him enough to lean on him. Use this technique sparingly, it can be an extreme turn-off if used too often. Remember for a man: It’s only sexy to be needed by someone who doesn’t need him. The turn-on is the fact that you chose him.

7. Be his best friend, lover, girlfriend, wife and business consultant wrapped into one person. Listen to him when he talks about his day, friends, problems, concerns. Go have a drink with him at the bar and if a good-looking woman strolls in, you be the first to compliment her. Confidence is sexy.

8. Make love with the lights on no matter what size or shape your body is. When it’s dark you can be substituted for any woman. Let him see your nipples rise to his touch, the goose pimples that cover your skin as he kisses your neck, and the expression on your face when he becomes a part of you. He can’t see this at the restaurant or while you are watching television together. Let him see what he does to you as a woman.

9. Before you be irresistibly sexy to your male partner, you must first learn do your homework to learn his definition of sexy. Make it a game if you can but you must find the answer to these questions: What helps him relax; what makes him feel close to you; what stimulates his senses; what arouses him sexually; what gives him pride. Learn what stimulates his five senses, touching, smelling, hearing, seeing and tasting. He is a unique individual, all men do not enjoy the same activities. The more you learn about how to please him; the more special you will become to him. Do your homework.

10. Lighten up, have a sense of humor and learn how to create a naughty mood. Flirt with him. They say the basic male instinct is to hunt, and when the chase is over, the romance dissolves. Send him on a hunt and just when thinks he can’t win, coyly, offer him your lips and body. Give him eye contact when talking to him. Seek to connect with his soul. This may include a warm bath or a slice of pie while he is watching his favorite sport on television. Learn how to balance his delicate need for tenderness, love and acceptance with challenge, excitement and adventure.


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