Thought you are in the friend zone, look out for these signs to see if she is ready to deliver the goods.

Out of the Ordinary Text Messages

Sometimes you’ll receive a text that might make you scratch your head. Most of the time it’s something completely out of character (e.g. a late night text from her saying she’s lonely and could use some company). Sure, there have been times when you’ve thought about hooking up with her, but you decide against it because it could make things really awkward or even ruin your friendship. Her text messages come as a surprise to you. You don’t quite know what to make of them, but you know it changes the dynamic of your relationship. You look at her differently because you suspect she might want to take your friendship to the next level. If you’re not okay with stepping outside of the friend zone, you can expect her to do two things: 1)continue her pursuit with reckless abandon because she has nothing to lose, or 2) pull away in order to avoid further humiliation, which will also mark the end of your friendship.

Drunken Confessions

You guys are close friends so you might pre-game together or even meet up at the bar. At some point during the night she loosens up and maybe even gets a little touchy-feely. Either way, the truth comes out and she says some things she wouldn’t normally say in a sober situation. You’re also pretty drunk so your response doesn’t come out quite how you wanted it to. If you manage to make it through the night without hooking up with her, you’ll find the next couple of times you hang out to be a little awkward. But, in most cases your friendship will remain in tact because you can always chalk it up to harmless drunken revelry. Beware cautious, however, as this can easily spiral out of control and turn into a situation where your girl friend assumes the role of girlfriend.

Wanting to Hang Out More Frequently

A girl friend can be awesome to kick it with solo from time to time. It’s a great way to get away from the sausage fest that is your group of friends. But solo hangout sessions might mean one thing to you and something totally different to her. You might just think you are having a casual dinner and movie just as friends while she’s primping her hair and putting on make up like she’s getting ready for a hot date. So while you are might be oblivious to it all, she’s planning for the next time you guys hang out together. Be careful because hanging out once a week can easily turn into hanging out a few times a week, which can turn into hanging out everyday. The more time you spend with her is the more she becomes attached to you. She’ll continue to be your girl friend in hopes that one day you develop a mutual feeling towards her.

Hanging Out Late Night With You

Sometimes it’s studying in the library until it closes. Other times it’s coming over after a crazy night of partying. If she’s taking the time to stick around to hang out with you, she might want a little bit more than friendship. She’s hanging out with you late at night to make a statement. She wants you to know that she is willing to stick around to keep you company. Furthermore, she is hoping that you want to make it a regular occurrence. Ultimately. she wants you to get used to being with her at the end of the night with nobody else around. Chances are that one night when your judgment is a little bit impaired you might succumb and take a bite of one of the fruits from the forbidden tree. Beware, however, because you set precedence by hooking up with her. She is going to assume that your late night tryst will become a consistent thing.

Looking For the Right Guy

You are well aware she’s been in a serious relationship before. You know all the details about her ex-boyfriends because she would constantly gripe about everything he did wrong. So she hasn’t had the best luck in relationships. As a result she has a lot of baggage. As a guy who has been there for her, listened to all of her problems, and treated her well, she might look to you as a candidate for a long-term relationship or even a quick rebound. So when she tells you she’s looking for the right guy, she might be dropping subtle hints that the guy she really wants is you.

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