Guys, this is the holy grail. It doesn’t matter if your girl had too much coffee today and at the end of a long day she is going off on a verbal tirade. Shut your mouth and just listen. Girls don’t need a debate, so save your breath. They just want to know that you give a shit about what’s bothering them. Once again…close your pie hole, open up your ears and just listen. (Maybe throw in a nod and a uh hum here and there). This is something that all girls have on their “good boyfriend” list of must haves. This is not a requirement for a fling, but if you want to seriously date the girl you have recently started kangarooing then just know how to hear and digest your girls ranting.


This is a issue that should seem pretty simplistic, but for you shlomos who don’t get it here it is. Girls don’t necessary love holding hands because it’s cute, but rather there are certain times when it’s sending a message that women can easily understand. You grab your girls hands during sex and interlock fingers, and you’re both squeezing hard. It’s a strong sign of intimacy and the connection you’re making. (Girls love this). When you’re crossing a busy street filled with a lot of people and you grab your girls hand, you’re giving off a signal you want her to know that she is what you’re focusing on, even in a busy, crowded place. Being attentive in little moments is key. How about when you are walking through a crowded club or bar? They all want to know they are with a confident man who can hold it down in a crowded environment. Be mindful of this fellas, grabbing your ladies paw at the right set of moments goes a long way to propelling the relationship.

Attention To Detail

Paying attention to detail is a byproduct of being a good listener. Listening alone isn’t enough, however- you’ve got to act on it. I will give you a couple of examples. You start dating a girl and she tells you she thinks red roses are too common and that they don’t do much for her. You can take this piece of information and do a couple of things here. You can be funny and go get her a mini-cactus with a note that says “roses don’t do much for me either.” Yes, you just bought here a fucking cactus, but the little joke shared shows her you listen and pay attention to detail. Woman LOVE this! Here is another example. You start spending time with a girl and she tells you she doesn’t need much for a gift on a birthday and how when she gets drunk she craves sour cream & cheddar chips. Take that information and show up on her birthday with a bag of sour cream & cheddar ruffles. Yes this is a 99 cent gift, but she will love it because it shows a cool aspect of your personality and that you pay attention to detail. I think you get the point here.

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