Month: January 2016

The paparazzi agency

Like to take celebrity pictures and want to make some money from it? The paparazzi agency makes the process easy. All you do is email them the pictures and they will send you 50% of all sales revenue. It’s so...

/ January 30, 2016

Marko Stout

We would like to present the famous multimedia, pop art, and all around creative genius Marko Stout. We enjoy the talent thought brought us works that are reminiscence of Andy Warhol and newer works that have urban rhythm and vigor. His art...

/ January 25, 2016

Martina Antoinette De Truff

Actress, host and model Martina Antoinette De Truff is best known for her appearance in the 2006 TV reality series “Endurance 5: High Sierras” – and her role in the soon to be released comedy/musical film, “Bar Songs” by writer...

/ January 17, 2016