We would like to present the famous multimedia, pop art, and all around creative genius Marko Stout. We enjoy the talent thought brought us works that are reminiscence of Andy Warhol and newer works that have urban rhythm and vigor. His art can be found all over the world including New York City, Miami, Berlin, and London. You have no doubt seen him at some of the most famous studios.

Not only has his edgy art been seen in big shows, you will likely see him at personal screenings and events that fit more of a culture than format.

So where did the coolest artist in New York get his start from? His early works were “Erotic Daydreams” juxtaposes contemporary women against the grit and debauchery of modern urban life. You can read more about his view on this in Hollywood Magazine. It was inspired by downtown New York where you can never know what you will see next.

“Follow no masters, follow no gods. Its a new era!”  – Marko Stout

The art is a window to the soul of an ever changing intense city with there is so much energy to feed off of. You can feel the energy with each piece of art.

His website shows lots of his work and details about Marko’s ever expanding journey. You can see it all here: MarkoStout.com

Stout began his early art career in the late 90’s as an “outsider” in San Francisco and later SoHo and downtown New York City. Make sure to read his bio explaining a colorful story of how he became the relevant acclaimed artist he is today. With no doubt having his interesting life feeding into his unique talent that lead him to many paths, all flavoring the buffet of art he has brought into the world.


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