The hot Latina American actress is not on “The Chair of waiting of Hollywood Industry” She is making her own way on the roa. Kalent zaiz is an Actress, Writer, Director, Producer, Author, Model, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Designer, Photographer.

Kalent Zaiz didn’t know that she can to become a journalist until she find herself in what she call ” The Chair of waiting of Hollywood Industry”. “I definitely no going to seat here and wait”. Then was when Zaiz began her journey as a entrepreneur creating her own brand called (KZaiz Magazine) finding that to direct a magazine editorial she also have to created tons of content. Written articles about entertainment and general human interest and interviewing personalidades such a: (John Vorhaus) (Sarah Shahi)(Juan Fernandez) (Robert Lin)(Allen Maldonado) and so many others. That was when she realized that she was doing this on her own Country back to the 199’s. working to a local channels and radio stations and every time she produced an spectacle an create her PR campaign through her writing.

The talented Latina is also author of the books (Some Truths and Other Perversities) (Algunas Verdades y otras Perversidades) that the public can get on amazon, Google play books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and many others bookshop.

“Journalism can be a broad study. It can range from writing to photography to videography to broadcast to above and beyond through the use of modern forms of media”. “I am an actress said Kalent Zaiz. and on my journal as an actress I had learned so many things that will make my career when I reached success”. Take a look at her website and give her your opinion at the trailer of one of her new TV Series (KZaiz Magazine Backstage) Where she play the complicated Mrs. Stone.

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