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Walk may be associated with orgasmic ability

A new study found that trained sexologists could infer a woman’s history of vaginal orgasm by observing the way she walks. The study is published in the September 2008 issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the official journal of...

/ September 5, 2008

Sex School

I am sitting on the floor with 18 other women at the Good Vibrations store in Berkeley, CA. We’re all here to learn the art of “male erotic massage.” In other words, we’re taking a class on how to give...

/ August 13, 2008

dating topics

Women’s Top Ten Favorite Conversation Topics 1. Hopes and aspirations 2. Hobbies/interests in general 3. Music 4. Dreams 5. Romance 6. Friends 7. Travel 8. Vacations 9. Movies 10. Entertainment Women’s Top Ten Least Favorite Conversation Topics 1. Politics 2....

/ July 8, 2008

Twelve Reasons a Movie Should Never be a First Date

12. You can’t pay attention to the movie Dates are pretty goddamned stressful experiences. You’re constantly trying to figure out how to act, what to say, where to put your arms, and if and when it’s okay to try and...

/ June 30, 2008

Smarter ladies have worse sex

BRAINY babes find it harder to have an orgasm because they are too busy thinking, a study claims. The German survey found that the more educated a woman was, the less likely it was that she would be satisfied by...

/ April 29, 2008