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2 shocking celebrity photos.

Are you shocked, we are! Martha Stewart was a serious hotty at 20 and Ryan Seacrest as a kid, well rough times.

/ September 3, 2013

Jessica Jane Clement

Clement began her career as a Page Three model. At the age of 18 she appeared in Playboy and has modelled for photographers Byron Newman and the late Bob Carlos Clarke. She has since appeared in various lads’ mags as...

/ June 14, 2012

Natalie Portman

Natalie Hershlag (Hebrew: נטלי הרשלג‎; born June 9, 1981), better known by her stage name Natalie Portman, is an actress with dual American and Israeli citizenship. Her first role was as an orphan taken in by a hitman in the...

/ September 30, 2011

The hottest girl ever (Scientifically)

After decades and millions of attempts the hottest girl ever idealized is now created through scientific computer imaging

/ June 24, 2011

Anderson Silva Got Chin Kick from Steven Seagal

This is crazy, Seagal? Really Anderson Silva has done it again. On top of being widely considered one of the top pound-for-pound fighters, not only in the UFC but in all fighting sports, he is now the co-headliner of one...

/ February 11, 2011

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Michelle Seyfried (pronounced /?sa?fr?d/ SYE-frid; born December 3, 1985) is an American actress, singer-songwriter and former child model. She began her career as a child model when she was 11 and when she was 15 she began her career...

/ December 16, 2010