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Jessica Jane Clement

Clement began her career as a Page Three model. At the age of 18 she appeared in Playboy and has modelled for photographers Byron Newman and the late Bob Carlos Clarke. She has since appeared in various lads’ mags as...

/ June 14, 2012

Hot girls and cars

I think this is pretty self explanatory, we have hot girls and some awesome cars and some hot girls by cars just because they are HOT.

/ February 11, 2012

Jessica Burciaga

Jessica Burciaga (born April 11, 1983) is an American model. Her father is Mexican and her mother is French and Irish. She was selected to be Playboy’s February 2009 Playmate of the Month.

/ November 27, 2011

What is beauty and who has it?

Can beauty be defined by age, gender, color, body shape or size? Who gets to decide? Multibillion-dollar beauty and fashion industries both shape and depend on the cult-like worship of what physical attributes the public sees as beautiful. And most...

/ June 30, 2011

The hottest girl ever (Scientifically)

After decades and millions of attempts the hottest girl ever idealized is now created through scientific computer imaging

/ June 24, 2011

Ass shots

No we are not talking about really bad tasting shots at the bar. This next post is all about great shots of girls lower back side. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. SALUTE!

/ June 17, 2011