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Looks and Image

Despite the existence of universally agreed upon signs of beauty in both genders, both heterosexual and homosexual men tend to place significantly higher value on physical appearance in a partner than women do. This can be explained by evolutionary psychology...

/ March 22, 2014

The basics for looking handsome

Looking good is hard for some people, here is some tips for getting you started. You should use: A good all over cleanser, such as soap or body wash. Organic is best Moisturizer for dry skin daily. Facial exfoliate (grainy...

/ September 16, 2009

What Modern Men Want in Women

What do men want in a woman? Brains? Beauty? Vacuuming prowess? Researchers at the University of Iowa find that men increasingly are interested in intelligent, educated women who are financially stable and chastity isn’t an issue. The findings are part...

/ February 14, 2009